Interior Decoration Hornsby Heights

September 14, 2014
Craig Bucknall

Denby Dowling – Interior Decoration Hornsby Heights, specialize in all aspects of home and interiors styling, as well as home improvements, renovation, Interior Decorating, Hornsby Heights property styling, project & trade management.

I offer you expert advice, a creative and visionary approach and a wealth of experience with Interior Decoration and Interior Decoration in Hornsby Heights.

I know how to present and style your Hornsby Heights property to achieve the best possible sales results in a very competitive market, assist you with a stress free sales campaign and maximize your selling price.

I provide you invaluable advice on colour, layout-spatial challenges and on setting up a room to display optimal functionality. I offer a personalised Hornsby Heights interior decoration service to each & every client, as I understand that your greatest asset is as unique as you are.

Interior decoration


I choose furniture and accessories that suit the architecture and style of your Hornsby Heights property and pay close attention to the sales demographic that you are marketing to.

Styled and staged properties in Hornsby Heights present better in person, in print, in virtual tours and online advertising. Having worked in the advertising industry as an interiors and property stylist for over 16 years I know how to set up a room so that it doesn’t just look great in reality, it photographs well from every angle and presents at its best for your publicity material.

My team of Hornsby Heights interior designers know what works and what doesn’t, which methods to employ so that each room looks lighter, brighter and a whole lot larger where need be. I will present your Hornsby Heights property at its very best, not only will I help you to maximize your exposure & buyer interest.

The time your Hornsby Heights property spends on the market may be reduced by half if it is successfully furnished, styled and marketed. The less time your Hornsby Heights property spends on the market the more chance you have in achieving a top sales result. Let me help you to highlight the positive aspects of your Hornsby Heights property and minimize any negatives-the 1st step in reducing the time that your Hornsby Heights property spends on the market and to achieving a great result.

Let me help you to alleviate the stress of the sales campaign by giving you a great deal of confidence when going to market. Call us to organize your initial consultation so that we can discuss a package that best suits you, your Hornsby Heights property & most importantly your budget.

Denby Dowling
Interior Decoration Hornsby Heights